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Cabinetry Lighting

Choosing the right custom cabinetry lighting

Incorporating lighting into your overall cabinetry design will enhance the beauty of your space.  The right cabinet lighting for your unit should be selected based on your needs.  Whether you add lighting above, within or under your cabinets, it’s a great way to complete the look of your space.  Some lighting options include:


  • Under cabinet lighting adds extra light to your prep spaces or can add visual interest when not used for functional purposes.



  • Lighting inside your cabinets is a great way to showcase your favourite pieces.



  • Above cabinetry lighting can create depth to a space and have the illusion that the room is more spacious.



  • Below cabinetry lighting that tucks above toe kicks can create further interest to your space.



  • Drawer lighting that turns on when you open a door, makes finding items easier.



Integrating lighting options into your cabinetry creates a seamless look and can truly add elegance and functionality.  LED lights are the popular choice for safety and energy efficiency.


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